15 years Matheon

The research center MATHEON, in which IRIS Adlershof-member Prof. Jürg Kramer is participating, celebrated its 15th anniversary on 15.11.2017 with a festival of Berlin Mathematics.
IRIS Adlershof congratulates warmly!



Beating the thermodynamic limit with photo-activation of n-doping in organic semiconductors using “hyper-reductants”

In an article that just appeared in Nature Materials, a team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Princeton University demonstrates a new approach towards n-doping of organic semiconductors, which allows bypassing the dopant sensitivity to the ambient and simultaneously enables doping organic electron transport materials that have been out of reach for n-doping so far.
“We believe that our work enables simple processing of n-doped organic semiconductors in numerous device architectures, where the critical step - doping activation - can take place after standard device encapsulation. This will contribute substantially to improved device lifetime and in some case simplify device fabrication.” notes Prof. Norbert Koch from Humboldt-Universität, member of 
IRIS Adlershof.


  Image by Jing Wang and Xin Lin


Prof. Jürgen P. Rabe appointed to Advisory Committee of the Executive Board of the Einstein Foundation Berlin

Jürgen P. Rabe, Professor at the Department of Physics of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Director of IRIS Adlershof, has been appointed as new member of the Advisory Committee of the Executive Board of the Einstein Foundation Berlin. We congratulate warmly and wish him success in his new additional function.


“Distinguished Award 2017 for Novel Materials and their Synthesis” for Prof. Norbert Koch

At the IUPAC NMS-XIII conference in Nanjing, Norbert Koch, Professor at the Department of Physics, member of IRIS Adlershof and head of a joint research group at the Helmholtz-Centre Berlin for materials and energy, has been awarded the "Distinguished Award 2017 for Novel Materials and their Synthesis "of IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) and of the Conference Committee. Norbert Koch received the award for his research on hybrid electronic materials and their interfaces in electronic and optoelectronic components. IRIS Adlershof congratulates warmly.