Humboldt-Universität among the Top 50 Universities in the World

The current "Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking" ranks Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) at position 41 of the worldwide most prestigious universities. Thereby HU advanced significantly with respect to the past year, when it was ranked in the group 71-80. HU’s Physical Sciences advanced by 31 places to rank 69th.



Optically switchable organic field effect transistors created

An international team of researchers led by Stefan Hecht, member of IRIS Adlershof, and Paolo Samori from the Université de Strasbourg (France), in collaboration with scientists from Stanford University (USA) and the Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), demonstrated that high-performance optically switchable field-effect transistors can be developed by blending photochromic molecules with small organic semiconductor molecules. Such optically addressable molecular devices are considered as key elements in future logic circuits. Their study just appeared in the journal Nature Communications.



Professor Christoph T. Koch accepted a new position at Humboldt-Universität

Prof. Dr. Christoph T. Koch (University of Ulm) has accepted the offer of a W3-Professorship "Structural research/Electronmicroscoy" at the Physics Department of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He will start his new position in Berlin on August 1, 2015



Professor Norbert Koch was elected to be spokesman of the CRC 951

Prof. Dr. Norbert Koch, vice-chairman of IRIS Adlershof, was elected to be spokesman at the plenary meeting of the CRC 951: "Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics" on February 20, 2015. Prof. Dr. Oliver Benson, also a member of IRIS Adlershof, was chosen as deputy spokesman.



Professor Steven L. Bernasek (Princeton University) appointed KOSMOS Fellow at IRIS Adlershof

Professor Steven L. Bernasek from the Department of Chemistry of Princeton University has been appointed Fellow of the KOSMOS Summer University on Chemistry and Physics of Novel Materials for (Opto-)Electronics at IRIS Adlershof. Professor Bernasek's research interest focusses on organic molecule self-assembly at graphite, graphene, and interfaces with other inorganic materials. During the next two months he will work together with scientists of IRIS-chairman Professor Jürgen P. Rabe's group, using scanning probe microscopy and optical spectroscopy methods.



We deeply mourn the loss of Professor Fritz Henneberger

We were very sorry and shocked to hear about the sudden, completely unexpected death of our colleague, Professor Dr. Fritz Henneberger. Professor Henneberger was a founding member of IRIS Adlershof and spokesman for the Collaborative Research Center 951. We are losing an excellent researcher, whose great commitment to research and teaching as well as to academic self-government considerably contributed to the successful development of our institution. We would like to offer Professor Henneberger’s family our deepest sympathy.