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Doctoral position available immediately at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in
Topological phononics at interfaces

Background. Protection against disorder, nonreciprocity, and waveguiding are among the extravagant topological phonon band properties which have been demonstrated at boundaries between metamaterials, and their realization in nanoscale molecular systems at interfaces holds great promise (J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 12, 454–462, 2021).

Description. In this project, you will characterize coupled vibrations and vibronic signatures (Figure 1) of by-design non-centrosymmetric molecular systems at interfaces (by M. Kivala, O. Dumele, K. Müllen), via low temperature atomic force microscopy, scanning probe microscopy (with C.-A. Palma, J. P. Rabe, members of the Berlin Cluster of Excellence MoA), photoemission spectroscopy (with F. Reinert member of the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat) and helium scattering (with B. Allison, J. Ellis) towards the demonstration of phonon bands of potential topological origin relevant to electronic and thermal transport, and superconductivity.

Requirements. Previous work in ultrahigh vacuum and a Master in Science or equivalent 5-year degree.

Team. You will be supported by four senior PIs and supervised by a junior PI, towards experimentally validating the theory and predictions of one doctoral candidate and one senior postdoctoral colleague. Two postdoctoral candidates are expected to support your experimental activities in Berlin in 2022/23. Two senior researchers will support your travel and measurements in Cambridge for several weeks per year, possibly starting October 2022.

Application. Please send your application (AN/006/22) until 16.03.2022 (containing a cover letter, CV, copies of degree certificates and three contact persons for reference) electronically as a single PDF-file to: fellowshipsphysik.hu-berlin.de Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Department of Physics.

Figure 1. a Edge phonon in a supramolecular ribbon b Simulated excitation of an edge phonon c Available experimental supramolecular systems

The doctoral degree is awarded by the HU Berlin. The position is funded 75% part-time (E13 TV-L HU) until 1.6.2024 with the possibility of extension. To ensure equal opportunities, applications from qualified women are particularly welcome. Applicants with severe disabilities will be given preference if they are equally qualified. Applications from people with a migration background are explicitly desired. In the MoA Excellence Cluster, we know that diversity makes us better. It is important to us that our employees not only reflect a broad spectrum of social, personal and cultural backgrounds and life experiences, but also that they can fully contribute to the work environment in their individuality.